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Blue Dream Haze

It is an original Santa Cruz cut that is known throughout the West Coast and it is bred by Cali Connection. It came from the blend of Blueberry and Super Silver Haze. It is a Sativa dominant strain that manifests its effect in both body and mind. Its name represents its function as it has the fruition of blueberry tasting haze. It’s a very potent weed so you have to be careful of the dosage especially consumers with low tolerance.

It is perfect for recreational use as it can supply you the energy that you need to do activities like fishing, hiking, attending a concert, etc. It can also help you improve your social skills. Some people like using this weed as they can accomplish everything they need to do in a day. 

Flavor and Effects of Blue Dream Haze

The flavor of this strain is composed of blueberry, honey, wood, earth, and skunk. It is overloaded with blueberry taste and it’s a surprise to many. It gives a creamy finish. The effect is like that of a balanced strain. It brings happiness to its consumers so they become easy-going and carefree.

It can be your wake and bake strain as it produces energy. But the effect can shift into the Indica effect which is relaxation. It won’t let you feel like you’re sedated and fixed on the couch. 

Medical Benefits of Blue Dream Haze

It can handle various health conditions. It can tackle mental conditions such as depression and stress by lowering their symptoms. It is done by the energy that it provides. Since it has a pleasant flavor, it can get rid of nausea so no more fear of throwing up. 

It has properties that can curb muscle tightness, pain or aches. It will instead let the consumers feel tingly and good.

Negative Effects of Blue Dream Haze

It is the same with other kinds that can give you dry mouth and itchy eyes. It can trigger anxiety when you can’t handle a high dose. Overusing this weed may lead to overstimulating and short-term memory loss.

Growing Blue Dream Haze

This marijuana plant can be grown outdoors but it’s highly recommended to have it indoors. You can cultivate it in a hydroponic setting in a grow tent or growing room. But still, growing medium like coco coir and classic soil are both fine. LED lights are commonly used to work as artificial light. Be mindful of administering nutrient solution and every growing stage requires a different set of nutrients.

It thrives well with pruning. When the buds are growing, you need to ass a support system to avoid broken branches. You can use string, nets or plant cage to make this system.

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