Blue Dream CBD

Blue Dream CBD was created for medical use as the primary function. It has many sativa that are all beneficial to a patient. As for its content, it has an equal amount for CBD and THC components. This makes it ideal for medical use, considering most of the strains used in the medical community will always have higher CBD content.

As for growing it, the strain is not hard to nurture. It is also easy to find its seeds so that you can grow it at home. The flowering time is about 10 weeks, which is the average for most strains.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Dream CBD

The strain is good in terms of giving you the best flavor. Expect to enjoy a berry flavor in combination with earthy and woody undertones. Just like most sativa-dominant strains, you will find it giving you the happy effects. It is also good to help you relax and feel uplifted at the same time.

Medical Benefits of Blue Dream CBD

As for its medical benefits, it is seen as quite a versatile strain. It is good for pain management, stress relief and for treating depression. It is also good for those who experience insomnia.

Negative Effects of Blue Dream CBD

The strain is good for medical applications, but it also has some side effects. These include mild headaches and anxiety.

Growing Blue Dream CBD

The growing difficulty level for this strain is rated medium. It should be relatively easy to grow at home. It can grow tall, so ensure you have enough room to grow the strain.

Best Seed Banks To Buy Blue Dream CBD

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