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Blue Dieselryder

Growers Choice has resorted to bringing cannabis game into the next level of genetic engineering. They now incorporated the magical powers of the Ruderalis to their strain. They cross the Dieselryder and Blueberry, resulting in a breed that auto flower.

This plant is known for its pungent diesel smell that it took in its parent genes. It is a compact plant that has purple buds that are very dense and of high quality.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Dieselryder

This auto-flowering hybrid is known for its tasty trait and smell that resembles a pungent diesel. Its effects are mixed with Sativa and the Indica. It puts you in euphoria and starts with cerebral high and concludes with relaxing effects.

Medical Benefits of Blue Dieselryder

This strain is the perfect package when it comes to recreational and medicinal functions. This cannabis strain is excellent in treating different kinds of pains, spasms, muscle pain, arthritis, and back pains. This hybrid is also an appetite-inducing strain which is perfect in treating appetite loss and other appetite-related issues.

Negative Effects of Blue Dieselryder

Common adverse reactions of this hybrid are also comparable to negative effects linked to any cannabis strain; this may include but not limited to dry eyes, mouth, and headache.

Growing Blue Dieselryder

This cannabis plant is a dream come true for cannabis growers. Growers don’t need to follow the photoperiod, which is removing half of the workload of cannabis growing. It can be grown indoors, outdoors, and also in greenhouses. This plant has a short flowering period, which is ideal for commercial purposes. This short growing plant needs occasional trimming to maximize light absorption.

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