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Blue Diamond Philips

Moxie 710, the breeder responsible for this strain, was able to cross the Blue Diamond and the Goji OG using their vast collection of cannabis strains in their seedbeds. Its parent, which is the Goji OG is multiple awardees for the best strain in 2013.

This plant produces a high amount of resin that is ideal for hash making and oil extraction that is used for vaporizers. This cannabis hybrid is a compact plant that has broad and thick leaves.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Diamond Philips

This strain inherited its flavor from its award-winning father which is known for its cherry to strawberry flavors that has fresh undertones. Its high comes from the Blue Diamond, which has uplifting effects that boost energy, creativity, and focus without the sedating effects. It is a good daytime strain if there are a bunch of activities ahead of you.

Medical Benefits of Blue Diamond Philips

This strain is not only a suitable power up for performance but also has medicinal effects that are widely sought by medical marijuana patients. This strain is a perfect anti-depressant that is excellent in treating mood disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. This strain also boosts the appetite of anorexic patients.

Negative Effects of Blue Diamond Philips

Adverse reactions to marijuana have a common symptom, which may include cotton mouth, drying sensation of the eyes, dizziness and panic attacks, or Paranoia.

Growing Blue Diamond Philips

Growing this strain will be enjoyed by novice and advanced growers. This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors; some growers use hydroponics to supply the needed nutrients of the plants efficiently. This plant follows a photoperiod, which needs sufficient lighting towards flowering.