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Blue Cush

The collection of Blueline cannabis strain is now being colonized by the wild cannabis plant known as the Ruderalis. This short, wild cannabis is stepping the cannabis industry into another notch; the Blue Cush can attest to that,

This strain is the offspring of Green Crack and Auto Blues, where it gets the auto-flowering power. Mephisto Genetics has made a work of art on this strain.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Cush

This very compact Indica hybrid has an intense smell of fruits with earthy flavor on its base. It has paralyzing high that will make you sink on your couch for hours. Its high is followed by a sedating lullaby of the Indica.

Medical Benefits of Blue Cush

This hybrid is not only appealing in appearance, and auto-flowering functions, but its medicinal attributes also stand out. This strain acts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic for symptoms of pain. It includes back pain, muscle spasms, glaucoma, arthritis, and fatigue. It is made possible by its relaxing effects. Its sedating property also makes wonder in providing a good night’s sleep.

Negative Effects of Blue Cush

The common ground of the Sativas and Indicas are the adverse reactions it brings to consumers. It may include headache, cottonmouth, drying of eyes, and lethargy.

Growing Blue Cush

This plant can be grown indoors and outdoors as long as the lighting is sufficient. It is often grown in greenhouses where the temperature is contained, giving a humid environment to the plant. This cannabis also has fast growth and flowering cycle up to 60 days from seed to harvest.

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