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Blue Crush Aka Blue Dream Sicle

Blue Crush (Aka: Blue DreamSicle)

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Riot Seeds is the breeder who is responsible for crossing the Orange Dream strain and the Sand Storm. It brings to a Sativa leaning cannabis plant, which is called the Blue Crush.

This plant has long, bright green leaves, which is excellent in producing hashish or hash. Its pistils are long and white, and its nuggets are dripping with resins.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Crush (Aka: Blue DreamSicle)

Its terpene compounds of this strain provide an earthy base but also provide sweet notes at the end. Its effect is cerebral and brings a blissful experience to tokers. This cannabis strain gives psychedelic adventure.

Medical Benefits of Blue Crush (Aka: Blue DreamSicle)

Sativa cannabis hybrids are known to their mixed effects. This marijuana strain provides a cerebral force that acts as an anti-depressant because it uplifts the spirit and energy of consumers.

Negative Effects of Blue Crush (Aka: Blue DreamSicle)

Cannabis plants are notorious for their adverse effects; whether your strain is a Sativa or Indica, they all share the same adverse effects in general. Smokers are expected to feel dry eyes, dry mouth, and headache. Dizziness and panic attacks or paranoia may also be observed when the strain is consumed more than the recommended dose.

Growing Blue Crush (Aka: Blue DreamSicle)

This cannabis plant can be grown in an indoor set up as long as the lighting meets the light requirement of the plant. Growers use LED light often to emulate the outside setting. It can also thrive outdoors and usually grown in a greenhouse where the heat is contained, and it is protected from pests.

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