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Blue Crazy

Blue Crazy

This strain is the result of a Back-Crossing process of KGB, which is the plant’s father. KGB stands for Killer Green Bud is known to be a slightly Indica, which is very potent. Good House Seeds, back cross their KGB strain that has a Blue Grass genetics to create the Blue Crazy.

This plant has long leaves and long white pistils that can easily be seen on its stem. It is a medium growing cannabis plant that is perfect for hash making due to its high resin content.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Crazy

This cannabis emits piney and lemony flavor when smoked like a real KGB. Its high THC content provides a numbing, couch locking but relaxing high that is very appealing for consumers.

Medical Benefits of Blue Crazy

This cannabis plant also has a therapeutic nature. Its body buzzing effects are suitable for patients who endure severe pain. It is excellent in treating arthritis, back pain, and other chronic pain that are usually treated with an analgesic. It is also good at providing deep sleep for patients who are restless with the effects of Insomnia.

Negative Effects of Blue Crazy

The most common adverse reactions that you can get in cannabis are dry mouth, dry eyes, and headache. These effects can also be felt in consuming this cannabis strain.

Growing Blue Crazy

The process of growing this cannabis plant is relatively easy. It has a 3 to 4 weeks vegetative phase, which is short compared to other cannabis strains. It thrives in an indoor setting and also provides promising yield outside.