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Blue Cookieberry Crunch

This pastry sounding strain is the product of perfection brought by the Riot Seeds breeder. They spent thousands of dollars to create the perfect blueberry strain that will emit an authentic and intense blueberry essence when smoked. They were successful in the creation and the thought of fusing it with the Girl Scout Cookies to increase its potency. The result is the Blue Cookieberry Crunch.

This almost pure Indica bred is a purple type of cannabis that has compact stature and broad leaves. Its nuggets are dark green that has a bluish tone to it.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Cookieberry Crunch

The terpenoid that is present in this cannabis is one of a kind. It produces an intense blueberry flavor when smoke with a spicy, citrusy aftertaste. Its high is very Indica in nature; it is full-bodied that relaxes and puts the smokers to sleep.

Medical Benefits of Blue Cookieberry Crunch

The father of this strain is known to be an active pain killer, which is very useful to severe pain brought by arthritis, toothache, and other chronic illness. Its sedating nature is also Insomniac friendly.

Negative Effects of Blue Cookieberry Crunch

Aside from the high that it brings, you can also expect an adverse effect from using this strain. It includes headaches, dizziness, cottonmouth, and dry eyes.

Growing Blue Cookieberry Crunch

Growing this cannabis plant is risky; it provides low yield but excellent quality buds. This compact plant can be grown indoors and outdoors as well in the greenhouse and hydroponic setup.