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Blue Cookie

This almost pure Indica cannabis strain is brought to life by an unknown breeder, but it is a crossbreed of Blueberry strain and the Girls Scout Cookies, and that is where its name was derived.

This cannabis plant is characterized by bluish to purple buds when ripe and ready to harvest. Its nuggets are covered with a dense layer of frosty white trichomes that resemble a crystal coating.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Cookie

This strain contains a terpenoid compound that is called Humulene, which is responsible for its spicy and earthy aroma. Its high gives you an ample dose of euphoric goodness with its finishing blow that will make you sink in your couch. It is a sedating strain that is good for deep relaxation in an afternoon or night time rest.

Medical Benefits of Blue Cookie

This strain is not just a strain that can provide a recreational dose of high but can also be therapeutic. This plant is known to be anti-inflammatory, which is very suitable for arthritis and joint pains. It also acts as an analgesic that can treat almost any kind of pain.

Negative Effects of Blue Cookie

Aside from the positive benefits of this strain, this strain also provides negative effects. This may include paranoia, headache cottonmouth, and dizziness.

Growing Blue Cookie

This cannabis plant is not that friendly to novice growers who are seeking their first cannabis strain to grow. It requires knowledge and expertise in the maintenance of this plant during the flowering stage. It can be grown indoors and also in an outdoor setup.

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