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Blue Cherry Kush

Cannabella Seed Club was able to incorporate the blueberry and cherry to the original Kush. It resulted in an Indica dominant strain that carries 70 percent of Indica genes and the inferior 30 percent to the Sativa genes.

The plant is relatively small with sticky and highly resinous nuggets. Its leaves are thin and long, which looks like a short Sativa.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Cherry Kush

This plant will knock you out with its high. Couch lock is for sure after hitting this berry-filled kush. It will paralyze you in a couch-lock for hours. Its flavor is of mixed berries, which is sweet and appealing. Its base flavor is also earthy like the original kush but finishes like strawberries.

Medical Benefits of Blue Cherry Kush

This cannabis is the go-to strain of patients who seek relaxation from unending restless nights brought by Insomnia. Its sedating effects will leave you sinking on the couch and also on your bed. Its relaxing and soothing properties can be used as an aid to treat pains, such as chronic pain, fatigue, muscle spasms, and muscle pain.

Negative Effects of Blue Cherry Kush

Adverse effects of marijuana, in general, can also be observed in this cannabis strain. This may include but not contained in the drying of mouth or heightened thirst, drying of eye lubricant or dry eyes, and dizziness.

Growing Blue Cherry Kush

Growing this strain needs additional attention in the growing phase. Sufficient lighting, plant food, and care are necessary to achieve the optimal flavor and yield of this cannabis plant.

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