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Blue Cheese

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Blue Cheese is a classic indica-dominant combination that blends a balanced high with a remarkable taste. This strain derived its name from its genetic lineage, a mixing of common Blueberry, and UK-native strain Cheese. It has an incredibly fruity taste. This strain is perfect from early evening to nighttime for enjoyment. This is a very resinous strain, and flowers are coated with sticky white trichomes accordingly. Blue Cheese buds are hard to break up by hand when fresh and typically require a grinder to be used.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Cheese

According to its name, this strain gives the taste of blueberry, sweet, cheesy, creamy, and spicy, which is great to savor. With the initial headrush associated with the cerebral buzz from its sativa characteristic, this strain may slowly give rise to a sense of physical relaxation and a changed way of thinking that may shock users. This soothing indica vibe is perfect for comforting and relaxing, but not the kind that gives you that couchlock. Taking in large doses can result in couchlock.

Medical Benefits of Blue Cheese

The physical effects of Blue Cheese strain make it as a good way to relieve minor soreness and discomfort. It is also of great help when counteracting insomnia. This strain allows the user to experience the euphoria that will not get you stuck in a loop of repetitive imagination. It is, therefore, a great option to treat anxiety, depression, and even some PTSD-related symptoms. Also, this strain is beneficial for those with attention deficit disorders as the clearheaded and focused high will draw in mind. Blue Cheese can also, for better or worse, be a strong appetite stimulant. This stress is the perfect way to relax after the day of work.

Negative Effects of Blue Cheese

Taking this strain would give the feeling of dry mouth and dry eyes. If Blue Cheese hybrid is consumed in large enough quantities, the less favorable effects may include dizziness and some paranoia.

Growing Blue Cheese

The strain can be grown indoors or outdoors, but like most marijuana strains, it requires a steady sunlight source and a constant temperature of 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Indoor cultivation may be a more appealing option, as plants with strong horizontal branches have a characteristically bushy indica form. Blue Cheese has a high leaf-to-bud ratio, which means growers must trim the large fan leaves that grow at the top of the plant to allow light to reach the lower branches’ flowering nodes. Blue Cheese is also considered to be pungent, so if flexibility is a major concern, growers must isolate outdoor plants and invest in indoor odor control measures such as carbon filters.