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Blue Cheese x SCBDx

The breeder SuperCBDx produced its super strain from crossing the Blue Cheese and the original UK Cheese it resulted in a cannabis plant that has equal genes of Sativa and Indica.

The plant has large nuggets that are covered with trichomes from its calyx up to the tip of its flowers.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Cheese x SCBDx

This cannabis hybrid is considered as one of the tastiest strains on the planet. It has a deep piney and cheesy flavor that is hard to forget. Its effects are euphoric and relaxing at the same time. This strain is ideally consumed at night due to its sedating effects.

Medical Benefits of Blue Cheese x SCBDx

This cannabis hybrid is a medical marijuana strain that can be an alternative for anti-depressant medication due to its uplifting effects. It is also excellent in dealing with pain. This organic pain killer can ease the pain that patients are enduring from arthritis, back pain, chronic pain, and other symptoms of pain.

Negative Effects of Blue Cheese x SCBDx

Like most of the strains in the cannabis family, this strain can also give an uncomfortable but temporary effect like cottonmouth, dry eyes, and headaches.

Growing Blue Cheese x SCBDx

You can appreciate growing this cannabis plant because of its high adaptability. Growers use greenhouses to cultivate this plant. It can also be grown indoors and outdoors with sufficient lighting. It follows the 12/12 photoperiod to induce flowering and may require casual trimming to tame and train its branches.