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Blue Cheese X Cali Orange Bud

Trump Seed, who is the breeder of this strain, spent most of his time in developing the perfect Blue cheese that is used in crossing with the Californian Orange Bud. It took him years to cultivate his female strains to ovulate and to form its seeds.

Today he was able to produce a high-quality strain that is Indica Dominant but has a Sativa resemblance on its appearance. IT has vibrant green leaves that are thin and long. It also has dense buds that are covered with resinous trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Cheese X Cali Orange Bud

The flavor that this cannabis hybrid emits are blueberries that are cheesy and orangy smell. Its high is euphoric, with body numbing high and sedating.

Medical Benefits of Blue Cheese X Cali Orange Bud

There’s a lot of medicinal effects that this plant offers. It is suitable for pain, fatigue, spasms, arthritis, and stress. It is also an aid for patients who lose their appetite. Its sedating effects are also ideal for patients who have a sleeping disorder like Insomnia.

Negative Effects of Blue Cheese X Cali Orange Bud

A few of the adverse effects that this strain offers include dry eyes, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth or cottonmouth. These effects may be temporary but may cause a serious problem if the dose is not regulated.

Growing Blue Cheese X Cali Orange Bud

This plant is high yielding, due to its stable genetics and can be grown indoors and outdoors with excellent lighting setup. Growers use greenhouses in cultivating this cannabis plant too.

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