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Blue Cheddar #1

Blueberry and cheese always have good relations, not just in the blueberry cheesecake but to genetic breeding too. Blueberry strain mixed with Cheese # 1 resulted in an Indica leaning strain of cheesy goodness.

With the help of Kaliman Seeds, BSB Genetics perfected their recipe in achieving this cannabis hybrid. Its traits are also leaning to the Indica, it has dark green leaves that are thick, and it has dense green buds that are covered with trichomes giving a light green reflection.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Cheddar #1

This cannabis strain has a pungent cheese aroma that will linger in your house if you are growing it indoors. Its high is narcotic and paralyzing. It is going to give you an unforgettable couchlock.

Medical Benefits of Blue Cheddar #1

This strain is known for its full-bodied healing functions too. This hybrid is suitable for patients who are suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, fatigue, spasms, and muscle pains. Its sedating prowess is also ideal for patients who are victims of Insomnia.

Negative Effects of Blue Cheddar #1

The most common thing that cannabis strains have is their adverse effects. This strain has negative effects like dry mouth, dry eyes, lethargy, and headache.

Growing Blue Cheddar #1

This plant is an easy plant to cultivate; it requires 600 watts to grow lights for indoor setup. This plant is also ideal in growing outdoors in a greenhouse environment. Occasional trimming is necessary to tame this dense plant. This will ensure that the plant is directing the nutrients that it is getting to a much healthier branch.

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