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Blue Caramel Auto

Shaman Seeds thought of improving the Cream Caramel Auto for a much fuller taste. Thus, they selectively bred cannabis with Blue Berry. Their mission is a success; it created the Blue Caramel Auto. An Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis cannabis strain.

The plant is a compact plant standing at 50 centimeters, its buds are blue, and its leaves are short and broad like of the Ruderalis.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Caramel Auto

This cannabis strain acquired its flavor from its mother. It has an intense flavor of berries, which are sweet and fruity. Its effects are relaxing and sedating due to a higher percentage of Indica genes.

Medical Benefits of Blue Caramel Auto

Indica hybrids like this strain provide therapeutic outcomes to smokers. It is an organic pain killer that can ease the pain from glaucoma, arthritis, joint pains, and muscle pain. Its sedative property is also useful in treating sleeping disorders such as Insomnia.

Negative Effects of Blue Caramel Auto

Despite the praises that this cannabis plant acquired, it also has its downside; Its adverse effects. It can cause smokers to feel heightened thirst, drying of eyes, and headache.

Growing Blue Caramel Auto

In terms of growth, you could not ask for a better strain. This auto-flowering plant is an easy plant to cultivate due to around 13% of Ruderalis genes in its bloodline. It can be planted in a 15-liter pot minimum to achieve an optimal yield. Exposing it to 18 hours of light will also result in a significant increase in yield.

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