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Blue Bud

The buds of this strain are humongous. Being one of the biggest buds in the cannabis family, The Big Bud was crossed with Blueberry, providing power up to the Blue Berry strain. Hempire Seeds Company calls it the Super Blue Bud, but famous for the name Blue Bud.

The plant is short, with genes leaning to the Indica family. The nuggets of this strain are unbelievably dense with bluish-green and purple tone reflecting a soft lavender tone. Its leaves are broad and thick €” a pure Indica on its stance.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Bud

This plant carries the appearance of the Big Bud but has the sweeter taste of Blueberry, and it has a fruity tone and has a spicy hint on the undertone. Its high has lingering couch lock and sedating effects.

Medical Benefits of Blue Bud

This big boy is not just huge in appearance but also huge on functions. It is a medicinal plant that can be used to treat symptoms like chronic pain, inflammation, back pain, arthritis, and muscle pain. It will also sedate smokers to deep sleep, making it a perfect candidate for organic sleeping pill alternative.

Negative Effects of Blue Bud

The only drawback that it provides is its adverse effects. It will give you dry mouth, dry eyes, and headache once you are done smoking, and the high wore off.

Growing Blue Bud

This cannabis plant is perfect for indoor home setup due to its compact size. Hempire Seeds Company also bred the plant with a secret strain to make it mold, pest and fungi proof. It is an easy plant to grow.

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