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Blue Bonic (Aka: The Blubonic)

Two Blueberry lines were carefully selected by the Spice of Life to create this plague sounding cannabis strain. Second filial generation of the Kootenay Blueberry and the second generation of Blue Satellite # 2.2 are the lineage of the Blue Bonic

The plant can stand from medium to very tall at 2.5 meters. Has small buds that are covered with frosty orange hair. This Sativa Superior plant is a killer with its potency.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Bonic (Aka: The Blubonic)

This cannabis obtained the grapefruit smelling flavor from its mother, and the blueberry line let the smokers known that they are present in action. Its THC level soars at 26%, creating a lingering cerebral effect for hours. This strain is a great smoking strain at any time of the day.

Medical Benefits of Blue Bonic (Aka: The Blubonic)

If you are a patient who is suffering from stress, tension, and fatigue, try considering this strain. Despite the plague sounding name of this cannabis, its healing effects can cure a plague of symptoms. It is an ideal strain for mood disorders, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. It heightened the dopamine in the brain, providing blissful effects.

Negative Effects of Blue Bonic (Aka: The Blubonic)

It is scary to hear the name of this strain, but its adverse effects are temporary and can wear off quickly. These effects include drying of eyes, headache, and dry mouth. It can also induce paranoia, and it not recommended for novice smokers.

Growing Blue Bonic (Aka: The Blubonic)

This strain can be cultivated in stealthy places in your home and also under the natural light of the outside.

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