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Blue Blazes

Blue Blazes

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Intending to improve the Blue Dream, Fancy Weed breeder thought of crossing their top of the class strain, which is the Keebler, which is the 2nd generation of their Cookies and Cream to a Blue Dream clone. It resulted in a perfect balanced strain; they call it the Blue Blazes.

The plant produces enormous buds that are dense and frosted with trichomes. Its is dark green with a hint of purple to bluish tone, which is very attractive to purple lovers.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Blazes

This cannabis has the flavors of blueberries, which is perfected by its breeder, and its high will bring euphoria to your soul and concludes with relaxing effects that are couch locking and sedating.

Medical Benefits of Blue Blazes

The plant is not just appealing for cannabis enthusiasts but also to the medical marijuana industry too. It provides healing effects for patients who are suffering from pain brought by arthritis, chronic pain, muscle spasm, and fatigue. It is often used as an appetite promoter for patients who lose their craving for food.

Negative Effects of Blue Blazes

For most of the marijuana smokers, adverse effects in using marijuana are not surprising. These negative effects include headache, dizziness, cottonmouth, and dry eyes.

Growing Blue Blazes

This cannabis plant is ideal for growing in an indoor setup, the breeder who created the strain used a greenhouse and a 30-liter pot to cultivate the strain. It grows fast on the vegetative period preparing for colossal yield. Thus, pruning and trimming are necessary to tame this plant.

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