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Blue Blast

New York Diesel and the Blue Satellite 2.2 are responsible for bringing this cannabis strain to life. With the help of Oregon Green Seed, which is the breeder of this marijuana. It is a 60% Sativa, which is the superior genes and 40% Indica. This cannabis strain is a tall hybrid.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Blast

This cannabis plant emits sweet scent like blueberries. Its high is cerebral and will uplift your energy. It will make you socialize more and make your giggly.

Medical Benefits of Blue Blast

Medical benefits of Sativa hybrids are ideal in treating mood disorders. It is an organic anti-depressant that can suppress the symptoms of depression, anxiety, migraine, and bipolar disorders. It is also an aid in promoting an appetite for patients who lose their hunger.

Negative Effects of Blue Blast

Sativas are often associated with paranoia. Its psychoactive property often triggers a panic attack, which is not advisable for smokers with weak hearts. It also has temporary adverse reactions, which may include drying of the mouth, or cottonmouth a condition that heightened thirst. Over usage also result in dizziness and headache.

Growing Blue Blast

This tall cannabis plant has a relatively short flowering period compared to most of the Sativa hybrids. It also adapted to a damper environment and shorter summers. This cannabis plant can flower with a minimum of 7 hours of light in its photoperiod phase. This plant can be cultivated indoors, but a lot of topping is needed as it can grow very tall. It is also perfect in outdoor conditions.