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Blue Black

Zambeza Seeds bred this strain by choosing two legendary strains which are Black Domina and Blueberry as its parents. Black Domina is a classic, heavy Indica strain while Blueberry is known for its high potency and marvelous berry taste. Combining these two strains put the breeding to the next level. As a result, BlueBlack is a narcotic, heavy hitter hybrid.

Since it’s a heavy Indica, it’s not advisable for novice smokers to use this weed. It’s best used in the evening or at night for you to relax and rest.

Flavor and Effects of BlueBlack

It has a spicy and sweet berry flavor with sage and rich herbs on the exhale. It has an extra narcotic effect that is suitable at night so you can sleep immediately. As you exhale, you will be sedated and even lulled to sleep.

Medical Benefits of BlueBlack

It has properties that can lower the symptoms of mental disorders like depression, mood swings, stress, and anxiety. It pacifies tumultuous feelings. It can also eradicate pain or aches that can be temporary and chronic. It is a natural remedy for insomnia as it can make you fall asleep with ease.

Negative Effects of BlueBlack

This strain gives its users dry mouth and irritated eyes. They are just minor adverse effects that can be blocked when you stay hydrated.

Growing BlueBlack

This weed can be grown outdoors or indoors. It must be protected from pests, diseases, and molds as well as harsh environmental factors like freezing temperature. When you choose to have it indoors, you can grow it through a hydroponic system. Topping helps its growth and development.