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Blue Berry

This cannabis strain is originally bred by DJ short. He invested his time and efforts to give life to this strain. This strain is the foundation of all the cannabis strain that carries the Blue name. This cannabis was awarded as the best Indica twice.

The plant has small flowers and dense. Its dark green leaves have a tint of purple to maroon and are thick.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Berry

This cannabis has the flavor of sweet fruits and blueberries. Its effects are couch locking and narcotics while its high is body buzzing that will sedate you to the deep sleep.

Medical Benefits of Blue Berry

This cannabis plant is favored not only by its beauty and its high but its long-lasting effect that is therapeutic in nature. It is a perfect pain killer that eases the symptoms of glaucoma, chronic pain, arthritis, muscle pain, and fatigue. Its tranquilizing and sedating effects are best for soothing the restless bodies of Insomniac patients.

Negative Effects of Blue Berry

Negative effects lurk under the beauty of this plant. Its cannabinoids are known to cause dry mouth, drying of eyes, and lethargy.

Growing Blue Berry

The only thing that you might have a hard time growing this cannabis is it is finicky when it comes to fertilizer. This plant can grow indoors and outdoors and result in the highest quality yield.