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Blue Berry Automatic

The Ruderalis trend is now invading the Blueberry cannabis strains. Contributing to the easy-to-grow genes, the Ruderalis has become of great help in providing an upgrade to famous cannabis strains. Blue Berry strains are now on auto. It is bred by Speed Seeds.

This cannabis plant is known to have 80 to 20 ratios of Indica to Sativa DNA. It is also known to have a compact stature, and it blooms purple nuggets.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Berry Automatic

This cannabis hybrid will give you a fresh smell of blueberries with wild fruits undertone. Its effects are not afar from Indica, which will provide you with a full-body buzzing high that has sedating and tranquilizing property. This strain is a good weed for night time relaxation.

Medical Benefits of Blue Berry Automatic

Fusing Ruderalis with Blue Berry did not affect its therapeutic attributes. Its healing properties are incomparable. Its relaxing effects are suitable for fatigue and stress. It also has anti-inflammatory qualities that provide relief for symptoms of chronic pain, muscle pain, and spasms. Insomnia patients are also soothed by the sedating effects that this strain has.

Negative Effects of Blue Berry Automatic

Its adverse effects are inevitable after use. It may include dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and dry eyes.

Growing Blue Berry Automatic

This strain is a natural plant to grow, the wild genetics of the ruderalis made it adaptive to pests, molds fungi, and weather. This plant can thrive indoors and in the outdoors environment.

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