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Blue Bayou

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Blue Bayou strain is famously defined as a complete psychoactive experience. A true sativa, this active cannabis is optimal for a type of cerebral ailments patients report state elevation and increased focus inappropriate.

This strain’s energizing, giggly, and happy high is fit for a variety of uses, including creative pursuits, focused work, or thoughtful exploration.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Bayou

This strain has a luscious essence with a taste of sweet hashy candy. Blue Bayou is an uplifting, happy, and active strain; it manages to be too intense for social locations.

Medical Benefits of Blue Bayou

Blue Bayou strain intensity when it comes to medical practices. As this is an active strain by nature, it is excellent for easing the symptoms of mood disorders such as depression, stress, and bipolar while concurrently uplifting the user’s attitude.

Negative Effects of Blue Bayou 

This strain is expected to make your mouth feel dry and your eyes dry and itchy, and in some cases, might get you to feel dizzy. Blue Bayou strain can give you a bit of a headache at some point, and in very rare sessions, may even make you feel anxious when enjoying this strain on a generous dose.

Growing Blue Bayou

This strain is a clone-only strain, so getting an already matured plant to cut from will contribute to your success. Those that can dispute a tough grow may find this strain right up their lane; however, it is anyone’s view as to what this beauty needs to flourish.