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Blue Babyshit BX1

Riot Seeds concocted a pungent strain from their Stella Blue and their Chem 91 strains. They decided to back cross their Stella to retain its characteristics. They created the Blue Babyshit Back Crossed, a cannabis strain that has 65% of Indica genes.

Riot Seeds breeders love purple cannabis breed, and this strain is one of them.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Babyshit BX1

The flavor of this strain can also be found in baby diapers. It is stinky and skunky, and its blueberry flavor is fainting due to the baby poo aroma that it emits. Its high is Indican, it relaxes the body and provides sedating high.

Medical Benefits of Blue Babyshit BX1

This harsh smelling strain is not just potent in the aroma, but its potency can also be found on its medical benefits. This strain can be used to treat multiple pain problems like back pain, chronic pain, and fatigue. Its sedating effects soothes and comforts the body of patients with sleeping problems.

Negative Effects of Blue Babyshit BX1

The negative effects of this strain aside from its smell include dry eyes or drying of lubricant in the eyes, dry mouth, and dizziness.

Growing Blue Babyshit BX1

This strain is a short cannabis plant that can fit perfectly indoors and can also be planted in an outside environment. Growers tend to use greenhouses in cultivating this plant to protect it from pests and to contain the heat that it needs. It loves a temperate and warm environment.