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Blue AutoMazar

Dutch Passion, the breeder of this strain, resorted from crossing two of auto-flowering rockstar strains instead of crossing Ruderalis directly cannabis genetics. Their intelligent decision gave birth to Blue Auto Mazar. A bred achieved by pairing Auto Mazar and Blue Auto.

This cannabis plant is a compact plant that has 75% of Indica genes and inferior Sativa at 25%. Its size does not affect its huge buds that are carried by huge calyxes. Its nuggets are covered with white trichomes that give a frosty look to it.

Flavor and Effects of Blue AutoMazar

The flavor of the Auto Mazar and Blue Auto also unite in this cannabis strain. It has a spicy, earthy, and sweet aroma. Its effects are paralyzing and can knock you out due to its sedating property.

Medical Benefits of Blue AutoMazar

The tranquilizing effect of this cannabis brings comfort to patients who are in pain. It is an excellent pain killer for symptoms of chronic pain, muscle pain, and spasms. Its sedating high also provides relief to patients who have Insomnia.

Negative Effects of Blue AutoMazar

This ultra-hybrid imposes temporary effects that may include drying of the eyes, cottonmouth, or an increase in thirst and also lethargy if the dose is not controlled.

Growing Blue AutoMazar

This plant is easy cannabis to grow. It has a short yield cycle of just 75 days from germination, which is relatively short. It is perfect for indoor and stealthy setup due to its compact size.

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