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Blue Angel

Freedom seeds captured their angel by combining a strain with Blue Berry heritage, which is the Romberry to an Asian strain, which is the Afghan. It resulted in an Indica leaning strain that has 80% dominance in the Indica family.
The plant is medium-sized cannabis with resin overflows on its buds. It has dark green leaves of the Indicas and gets frosted with trichomes once it matures.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Angel

This plant has hashy and earthy flavor brought by the Afghani and a sweet berry hints that it inherited from the Romberry. This strain is suitable for beginners as it high doesn’t last that long. It has a full-bodied high that is sedating and paralyzing.

Medical Benefits of Blue Angel

This cannabis plant is good for oil extraction, which is suitable for medical marijuana. Its oils can treat multiple symptoms of pain, like chronic pain, fatigue, migraine, back pain, and muscle pain. It also induces appetite, which is excellent for anorexic patients who lose their cravings for food.

Negative Effects of Blue Angel

The adverse effects of this strain may include an elevated sensation of thirst, drying of the eyes, and headache.

Growing Blue Angel

This plant is an excellent plant to grow indoors. It doesn’t take that long to enjoy your own harvest from this plant as it has a short flowering period of 45 days with promising yield both indoors and outdoors set up. It can also be grown in greenhouses.

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