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Blue Amnesia

Amsterdam Genetics could not stop thinking about how they can innovate the world-famous Amnesia strain. They thought of introducing the Blue Berry pheno on the superstar, and it brings the Blue Amnesia.

This cannabis plant is a tall plant that could reach up to 3 meters and has Sativa leaning genes that are obvious in its stature.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Amnesia

The Blue Berry brings its sweetness to this strain, making it spicy but sweet at the same time. Its effects will leave you on a couch lock for hours, and the results brought by the haze adds to an intense stone feel.

Medical Benefits of Blue Amnesia

This potent Sativa hybrid can be used by patients who are suffering from intense pain due to its numbing and paralyzing effects. It acts as an analgesic to muscle pain, back pain, spasms, and fatigue. It also induces hunger for patients who lose their appetite.

Negative Effects of Blue Amnesia

The negative effects that you can expect from this strain may vary from dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and headache. It could also be the combination of the symptoms above.

Growing Blue Amnesia

This strain can be grown in a setup indoors and also in a natural environment outdoors. It grows significantly taller in the outdoors, though. It requires topping to maintain its optimal structure for yielding. It also loves the temperate weather.

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