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Blue Amnesia XXL Autoflowering

Dinafem has brought an auto-flowering variant of Blue Amnesia to the market. They infused the genes of a wild Ruderalis to the cannabis plant the enables its auto-flowering potential.

The genes of the wild Ruderalis tame the towering height of its parent making is a medium-sized plant. It also turns to a purple phenotype when exposed to a lower temperature at night, which makes it more attractive for purple cannabis lovers.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Amnesia XXL Autoflowering

This cannabis still retains the flavor of its parent, which is spicy like freshly ground pepper and sweet like blueberries. Its high is cerebral that improves your focus but has a mellow body high that relaxes your body but will not put you to sleep.

Medical Benefits of Blue Amnesia XXL Autoflowering

This cannabis plant has a variety of medicinal attributes; It can be used as a replacement for anti-depressant medications. It can treat mood disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, and fatigue. It also gives munchies to patients who disdain food.

Negative Effects of Blue Amnesia XXL Autoflowering

The recreational high and medicinal effects of this strain come with its toll. Smokers may experience dry mouth, dry eyes, panic attack, paranoia, and dizziness as the adverse effects of this strain.

Growing Blue Amnesia XXL Autoflowering

This cannabis plant is an easy strain to grow. It is more ideal in an indoor setup because it is a much smaller version of the Blue Amnesia. It loves the temperate weather but is also adaptive to lower temperatures.

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