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Blue Afghan x Sour Diesel

Stranger Seeds has made this combination of Blue Afghan x Sour Diesel available as feminized seeds. The Afghan traits are visible with the buds produced by this cannabis plant varieties combination. It is a pure sativa bred, so you can expect to see its traits.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Afghan x Sour Diesel

This is for diesel taste enthusiasts wanting a strong relaxation with sour, spicy, citrus, and earthy flavors to taste. This is very effective if you need to be comforted, reduce anxiety level, and need to be productive. Being a sativa, you can use this weed for day time or night time having a stimulating effect.

Medical Benefits of Blue Afghan x Sour Diesel

Be relieved with pain, regain energy, forget depression, and gain some appetite through this cannabis type.

Negative Effects of Blue Afghan x Sour Diesel

Dry mouth is the common negative effect of this weed, but you can also experience dizziness, paranoia, or headache. Make sure to stay on the normal intake or as prescribed to avoid complications.

Growing Blue Afghan x Sour Diesel

This belongs to the marijuana plant types that can resist pests, insects or fungus. You can use medium soil and provide the nutrients needed. It can forgive some nutrients lacking when you forget to feed it. It grows strong and will produce good buds that are compact and full. You will have enough what you will need and expect to harvest though it seems slow during vegetation.