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Blue Acid Auto

This combination is made unique getting its lineage from AK-47, Strawberry, and Ruderalis produced by Kalashnikov Seeds. It is a short sized auto-flowering plant producing a strong psychoactive effect. They have sticky, dense, tight, and small buds having high THC levels.

Flavor and Effects of Blue Acid Auto

A tart taste is introduced with strawberries along the way ending in a sweet taste for a good high experience. This will make all your worries disappear for a mind and body relaxation. You will just have happy and positive thoughts that will make creative artwork be finished. If you need some inspiration, this cannabis does well with it.

Medical Benefits of Blue Acid Auto

This cannabis works magic with your arthritis, aching muscles, and chronic pains you have. You will not need an antibiotic with this marijuana. This serves well as a sedative to help you relax and do some tasks.

Negative Effects of Blue Acid Auto

Get ready for a slight to moderate negative effect of dry mouth or dry eyes, dizziness, and headache. Stay on the moderate consumption as long term, and heavy use can cause complications.

Growing Blue Acid Auto

If you like some fragrant type of weed while growing them, this Blue Acid Auto is for you. You can expect a bit faster flowering time. This marijuana plant does well to resisting fungus and pests due to its high amount of essential oil. You can grow it indoor or outdoor, and it surely produces all females.