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Blucifer is a cross between Conspiracy Kush and Blue Dream. This potent strain was a genius idea by Terragorm Genetics way back 2013. They have chosen Blue Dream for its tall and sturdy plant structure and high yield. Conspiracy Kush was chosen for its strong but smooth mental high. Combining these two together gave birth to Blucifer which may have a menacing name, but has friendly effects. These effects are delivered from forest green leaves with blue to purple hues, complete with a shower of milky-white trichomes. 

Flavor and Effects of Blucifer

Blucifer’s effects hit right away. After a few puffs, the effects become prevalent beginning in the mind. Starting in the mind, it sweeps any thoughts that will not help the user achieve the ultimate optimism. The quick rush goes down from the back of the head down to the body once the mind clean-up is over. It spreads the happiness and energy to the body. The powerful effects from head to toe leave the user in a state of happiness, making him energized and determined to finish all the tasks that need to be accomplished within that day. These tasks are achieved without the fatigued feeling. It tastes fruity with hints of blueberry with a sour aftertaste.

Medical Benefits of Blucifer

As the Blucifer does its job, feeling hunger is common. The energy it delivers does not only energize the mind but also the activity of stomach juices, inducing hunger. This makes it a great strain for those experiencing loss of appetite. It can also help people with ADD and ADHD as it can increase their focus and concentration and can minimize racing thoughts. It can jumpstart the day of anxiety and depression patients as well.

Negative Effects of Blucifer

The common negative effects of Blucifer are effects of dehydration such as dry mouth, dry eyes, and a parched throat. Some have also reported a mild headache and drowsiness.

Growing Blucifer Some information and Tips

The screen of the Green method is the best way to raise Blucifer. It should be topped early to increase yield. It also loves the light breeze, so any blast of wind will hurt. Consider installing windbreakers. Experts also recommend super cropping for more abundant trichomes.