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Bloody Skunk Auto

Sweet Seeds breeder has combined Sweet Skunk auto-flowering with an offspring of Red Poison Auto. The result is dominated by indica that was generously decorated with purple hues carrying the deep, pleasant smell of skunk. This trait has made this hybrid sought by skunk lovers savoring the taste, and they are even given a treat with the beautiful appearance of the buds.

Flavor and Effects of Bloody Skunk Auto

Sweet, pungent, and skunk flavors. This cannabis makes you talkative, sociable, relaxed, and happy. They are a great combination that is great for fun gathering with friends and family. It is not just medication but for your recreation. It is good to plan during the weekends to unwind and put down those stress and worries.

Medical Benefits of Bloody Skunk Auto

Set away depression, anxiety, pain, and loss of appetite with this cannabis.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Bloody Skunk Auto

The negative effect you can experience includes dry mouth, headache, anxiety, and dry eyes. The effect to you could be slight to heavy, but they do not last long, so you get to enjoy the cannabis high.

Growing Bloody Skunk Auto

This cannabis treats you with beautiful flowers that you will miss them immediately after harvesting. Its beautiful and enchanting appearance makes you growing very joyful and happy moments. They are auto-flowering types, so you have to harvest them when its time. You can grow them indoors or outdoors, and you need to provide some space. They can have many fruitful branches that produce more resinous buds than the main cola.