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Bloody D BX

This is the result of the combination made from Bloody Mary (Texas Kids Cut) and Orange Diesel (Verites) made by CannaVenture Seeds. It resulted in an exotic feeling effect giving a sweet smell like a fruit punch or basil tomato sauce.

This combination has complemented each other as the picky traits of the Bloody Mary (mom) have been taken away by the male Orange Diesel. The Orange Diesel was the result of 77 Cali O clone and NYCD blend.

Flavor and Effects of Bloody D BX

Enjoy sweet, citrus, and fruity flavors while beginning to feel its calming and relaxing effect. The aroma gives you a comfortable environment perfect for relaxation with friends while medicating.

Medical Benefits of Bloody D BX

Increased your focus and gain your appetite with this cannabis plant buds. It gives relief from mild to severe pain, fatigue, and stress. You can notice an increase of creativity that makes it good for daytime or nighttime medication.

Negative Effects of Bloody D BX

The negative effects you may or may not experience are dryness of the mouth or eyes, dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia.

Growing Bloody D BX

You can enjoy growing this cannabis type as it does not demand your attention and time. You just need to feed them regularly with nutrients and water needed. Let them grow well with a spacious area for their leaves and body to expand as it grows and in preparation for the flowering period. You will be treated with a display of beautiful colors throughout the flowering stage.

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