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Blood Orange OG

Pisces Genetics had blended together with the Louie OG with a True OG before combining it with the Sour Tangie from ECSD (East Coast Sour Diesel) and Tangie. The result is a plant that yields heavily that is liked by many types of growers. Its flowers and the plant itself have their own traits to shape and colors to appreciate.

Flavor and Effects of Blood Orange OG

Taste a dank orange or citrus, or sweet with berries depending on what has become dominant to you. Feel the high that allows your body to relax but you will not feel stoned. Be contented with this cannabis effect as you can idle away your time and dream.

Medical Benefits of Blood Orange OG

Get rid of chronic pain with this cannabis. You can take it at any time that you need it as long as you are not outside working. Get the other needed medical benefits like insomnia, depression, and numbness.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Blood Orange OG

A common negative effect with a high chance that you will experience is dry mouth. It’s normal for having marijuana.

Growing Blood Orange OG

Prepare the space you will be growing your plant. You should first choose what method to use before you plant. This cannabis would grow well with proper care. It has some level of resistance to pests and insects but cannot tolerate severe and continuous infestation. Its leaves may suffer but not so much with the flowers. This yields a good amount of harvest.

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