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Blood Moon

Blood Moon

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Blood Moon has been released by Magic Strains’ after they had made a combination from Violeta (Ace Seeds) and Snow Moon (Ace Seeds). Snow Moon came from two classic indica lineage of Purple Pakistan Chitral Kush 2002 blended with Orient Express (China Yunnan hashplant pheno).

Violeta has genetics coming from Purple Malawi and Purple Pakistan Chitral Kush. You will have a beautiful cannabis plant that will emit fragrance and display colorful buds. These parents of Blood Moon make it a special hybrid with growers yearning for it.

Flavor and Effects of Blood Moon

Enjoy the taste of piney or fruity or earthy cannabis with other hints of flavors in every smoke. Have this weed and you will forget you have been under stress. Get some inspiration and recharge yourself from being ready for a new project.

Medical Benefits of Blood Moon

Have some relief from chronic pains you are experiencing with this weed. By its effect, you will be able to have a rest from other pains like migraine and even muscle spasm, numbness, and insomnia. You will soon feel and discover other medical benefits that could help slightly to more effective potency.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Blood Moon

You can experience dry mouth but that’s a normal negative effect. You can experience other negative effects but just slight.

Growing Blood Moon

You can grow this cannabis even if you are a beginner due to its strong quality to resist pests and insects that could destroy the plant. It does not easily bow down to external factors that make it suitable to be grown indoor or outdoor or in a greenhouse.

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