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Blood Kush

This is the first bred made from the combination of the Black Russian, Purple Shiva Skunk, and Miami White. The result from the first two parents is not much potent in effect but contributed beautiful colors ranging from purple and pink in a freezing appearance. Include the Miami White and you get a potent bred with purple and pink colors.

Miami White has made a difference in making the bred special. Miami White added its potent trait and enticing color influence resulting in an Indica dominant hybrid.

Flavor and Effects of Blood Kush

Taste greasy meat with his cannabis and be treated with a special relaxing effect. The taste does go away that will give you time to enjoy and forget your daily stress and anxiety. It has the potency that can be sedative that is good when you are lazy to do things.

Medical Benefits of Blood Kush

This cannabis can help you with chronic pain, headache or migraine, insomnia, calm down your nerves, and promote a good appetite.

Negative Effects of Blood Kush

Stay with the normal level of cannabis smoke or other methods to avoid complications. Other than that you may experience the common negative effect of dry mouth (high chance), dry eyes, paranoia, anxiety, or headache.

Growing Blood Kush

Make note of the space, nutrients needed, the PH level of the soil, the tolerance to weather, air circulation, and other basic things for growing a healthy cannabis plant. This one has the endurance to hot weather but not for long and regular exposure. It can affect its flowers and final result when exposed to extremely hot weather.

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