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Blood Gorilla

A quadruple dose of Blackberry from Soma Blaze taken in different angles is needed for this strain to be produced. Add some combination of Urkel and Cherry AK47 and the result is one belonging to the beautiful and very potent Purple cannabis line. Blood Gorilla was bred by Riot Seeds. You can avail of growing or medication.

Flavor and Effects of Blood Gorilla

Taste a tropical and earthy Blood Gorilla that gives the strong effects of being relaxed, aroused, creative, uplifted, and focused. Add some euphoric and talkative effect and you are good to a relax mode and worry-free time. You can be push or encourage doing some tasks you had in the plan but not yet done.

Medical Benefits of Blood Gorilla

Blood Gorilla cannabis has loads of medical benefits that can help you well with arthritis relief, depression, headache, insomnia, lack of appetite, and fatigue. It is potent cannabis so make sure to not take a heavy dose at the first use.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Blood Gorilla

A dry eye is the highest in negative effect. You will or will not have a headache, dry eyes, and dizziness. Test first before consuming in higher amount because it has a high potency level.

Growing Blood Gorilla

Invest more time with this plant and you can have some expectations. You will soon see purple beautiful colors appearing and giving into a bud that is compact covered with resins. Your time and effort are worthy to be invested when you see those purple buds covered with resins.

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