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Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond

This cannabis is the updated edition of the world’s famous OG Kush. As a pure Indica, it inundates the sense in a complete physical relaxation that removes all discomfitures instantly. It also motivates a mental euphoria but only in small consumption. With that, this ganja is more applicable for late-night uses due to its powerful Indica that can be the factor of being unproductive.

Flavor and Effects of Blood Diamond OG

Tasting this cannabis deserts a spicy and herbal aftertaste with fine-drawn strikes of citrus zest and woody pines. For its effects, this ganja is real to its origin as it exerts an extremely relaxing sedation that can tumble even the lofty sufferance. In taking this cannabis, an ecstatic euphoria enthralls the senses. It raises the temper and stimulates an optimistic temperament, which makes all pleasurable. Nonetheless, this mental effect is only short because the pure high point of this ganja is the physical high. To wit, when the high stabilizes, users can anticipate a hefty and creeping feeling of enormous peace that eventually goes down to the limbs and eyelids. It efficiently calms physical discomforts that let the users buoyed up in a rapturous relaxation. Consequently, these effects softly assuage the senses to a restful doze off. With that, it is best to relish this ganja a few hours before going to bed.

What are the Therapeutic Benefits of Blood Diamond OG

Indica cannabis strains are recognized for striving extremely relaxing results that plea to both recreational and therapeutic users alike. That is plausible because aside from giving rest from everyday stress, this relaxing feeling also cures an array of health issues. The mental effect of this cannabis alleviates psychological worries like anxiety and depression with its soothing and euphoric possessions. As a result, the mind receives liberated from the chains of burdens and despondent notions. Also, this cannabis is a sought after strain for those who have arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, and similar other issues. It is because this cannabis has a powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory possessions that send long-lasting alleviation. When the mental and physical discomfitures have been solved by this ganja, this will then strike to its last step €“ sleepiness. With that, this ganja is also efficacious to those who have insomnia.

Negative Effects of Blood Diamond OG

Right consumption is always suggested to prevent encountering disagreeable consequences. If consumed moderately, only lenient discomfitures like cottonmouth and dry eyes may overtake the users. Nonetheless, too much consumption of this cannabis could result in paranoia, anxiety, or an enormous couch-lock that can stay longer than usual.

Growing Blood Diamond OG Info and Tips

This type of cannabis is close-packed and fuzzy that can easily suit to compressed areas. Consequently, it is perfect for indoor growing though it tends to grow its complete yielding ability outdoors. Nevertheless, any growing environment for this cannabis is just fine as it is beginner-friendly ganja. When grown indoors, the SOG method shows to be perfect in maximizing compact areas and light vulnerability. As such, growers can put at least 16 plants in each square meter to avoid overflowing and increase of moistures. Additionally, since it has small internodes, pruning the chunky leaves is highly suggested to prevent mold multiplication.

For its substrate, a hydroponics technique is perfect for speeding up its growth. Nonetheless, experienced growers prefer to use organic soil because it improves the sprout’s terpene profile as well as its organoleptic possessions. If cultivated below a 1000W light for 18 to 20 hours every day, this plant can provide 500-grams/ m2 of strangely resinous sprouts in 9 to 10 weeks during the flowering period. For outdoor cultivation, it is best to grow it in an area where there is sufficient warmth, dry, and temperate climate. When exposed to lots of sunlight, each of the plants of this cannabis can supply 450 grams in October.