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Blood Assassin

Blood Assassin

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Blood Assassin is a first-generation (F1) breed that was made by Riot Seeds having a purple color when flowering. Its parents are a mixture of OG Kush (Soul Assassin #3 Cut) and Blood Rose.

The OG Kush (Soul Assassin #3 Cut) has been stored for some years by the breeder. It came from Urkel and Sativa OG line that was one of the best produced from the OG line that is a very good resin producer. It was further crossed into the Blood Rose male for garnering a higher yield trait.

Flavor and Effects of Blood Assassin

You will enjoy the grapefruit taste and hash flavor with Blood Assassin. This cannabis has a potent effect on calming your senses so you can fully relax. Great after a day’s work or a stressful project. You can feel a new surge of energy after you have been over the effect.

Medical Benefits of Blood Assassin

Blood Assassin was mainly used for anti-anxiety. Get relief from depression, fatigue, and pain when using this cannabis.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Blood Assassin

You can experience dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, or headache with this cannabis that is also common to cannabis intake. Make sure that you will not get past the dosage given by your doctor to avoid complications.

Growing Blood Assassin

You can easily grow Blood Assassin in your own space indoor or outdoor. It can grow well with others as long as you provide enough space between them and the other strain does not have a very strong odor. Make sure to provide the needed nutrients needed for the best yield.

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