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Blood and Iron Haze

Riot Seeds has taken the privilege to produce this type of cannabis. One parent is the specially picked Metal Haze that originated from the seed line of Dutch Flowers. Metal Haze has an abundant yield of dense and solid buds carrying a sativa dominant feature. The father is the Pink or Red Blood Rose male that contributed to the purple color of the buds for a beautiful resin and more density.

Flavor and Effects of Blood and Iron Haze

Be entertained by the sweet, piney, minty, and spicy tastes. It relaxes your body and mind so you will not think of negative thoughts. Savor the taste and relaxation time.

Medical Benefits of Blood and Iron Haze

This cannabis variety excels in helping with eating disorders. If you lost your appetite due to sickness, this cannabis does well to get you eating normally. It also helps in migraines, anxiety, arthritis, and mild to severe pain.

Negative Effects of Blood and Iron Haze

Expect some negative effects of dry mouth or dry eyes, headache, dizziness, or paranoia, just like with other varieties.

Growing Blood and Iron Haze

Blood and Iron Haze is the cannabis variety that needs attention when it comes to the nutrient being fed as it can have an effect on its flowers. Make sure that you can set a spacious place for the plant to grow. It can produce a strong scent during the flowering stage that you need to control when you are doing indoor cultivation. They are resistant to pests and insects as long as they are healthy and strong.

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