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Blond Skywalker

MadCat’s Backyard Stash has combined Skywalker Kush and Afghan cannabis to produce Blond Skywalker. It has been popular with its taste and medical effect for patients and growers. Get to see good quality buds you can enjoy for growing, breeding, or for use.

Flavor and Effects of Blond Skywalker

Taste the earthy and light pine taste with this flavor and you will feel the relaxing and calming effect. Take in mind that this cannabis will cause sleepiness. If you will not feel sleepiness you will be creative and be uplifted. Not suitable when you have a task to quickly finish. That is why it is best for daytime use.

It has euphoric and relaxing effects but not recommended to be taken with coffee especially espresso when you do not want to be jumpy.

Medical Benefits of Blond Skywalker

You will be relieved from fatigue, stress, and pain with Blond Skywalker. It is also used for narcolepsy (benefitting from its sleepy effect) and nausea.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Blond Skywalker

This is not suitable for older people as it can cause nervousness. Dry eyes are one negative effect that is very common with this cannabis. You can also have dry mouth and anxiety.

Growing Blond Skywalker

Take care of Blond Skywalker and it will give a good yield. It flowers from June to July and October. It is easy to take care of this plant and it can grow well outdoors or indoor. It can repel pests with the proper nutrients feeding and checking the correct PH level of the soil.