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Block Head

This cannabis produces dense and big flowers with light green and purple colors that came from the breeding made by Spice of Life Seeds. It was taken from Sweet Tooth cannabis and an unknown strain. This plant has leafy buds with thin hairs that complement the plant and entice growers and breeders.

Flavor and Effects of Block Head

You can taste earthy, spicy, and herbal with hints of sweet flavor. You will be treated to a high psychoactive effect that is not suitable for socialization purposes. This cannabis is not recommended for those who use cannabis first time as it can knock off even the experienced users. You will not be able to leave the couch but it is very good for its medical benefits.

Medical Benefits of Block Head

This cannabis is an effective sedative that is best taken at night time. It will get rid of your pain and for muscle spasms, headache, chronic pain, and insomnia. It is also used for chronic stress, bipolar disorder, anxiety.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Block Head

Blockhead makes you hungry after you had taken it so prepare food before you have it. Other negative effects are dry mouth, insomnia, dry eyes, dizziness, and headache. Take it lightly as it can overpower you.

Growing Block Head

This cannabis produced more branches when planted outdoors and can result in a higher yield than indoor harvest. It has dense flowers and thrives well in dry weather due to its big flowers. Provide enough space as they are short but round that is good if you do not have a high space available but wide enough.

Having the preferred dry weather, Blockhead will beautifully grow to provide a good amount of harvest in good quality. It is resistant to pest and mold making it a great addition to your plantation.