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BlkMrrr (Black Mirror) came from Binary Selections which is a variety composing of ruderalis, indica, and sativa variety. Its parents are genetics of Iman and Nami. Nami came from Bum Wine (from Ronin Garden) crossed with Witch Doctor (from Magic Strains). You just reversed and do the other way and you get the other bred Iman. Witch Doctor has contributed its potency to the cannabis plant.

Flavor and Effects of BlkMrrr

You can taste a sweet candy with this cannabis that allows you to relax and be calm. You will feel euphoric and happy but for experienced users. This cannabis is that potent.

Medical Benefits of BlkMrrr

You will benefit from this cannabis when you have chronic pain, muscle pain, back pain, stress, depression, and anxiety. The potency of the cannabis depends on each user so you can be free from chronic pain but not much with depression.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from BlkMrrr

The negative effect is given in this cannabis but it does not mean you will experience all of them and at once. This includes dry eyes, dry mouth, dizziness, paranoia, headache, and anxiety.

Growing BlkMrrr

You can grow this cannabis plant in an indoor environment as long as you have the needed space. You can grow in an outdoor or in a greenhouse whatever best suited for you and your plant. This is an auto-flowering variety in female seeds you can have for growing to harvest more buds for consumption or growing again. You can even use them to breed another. Just make sure to take care of them and protect them from harsh weather.

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