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Blister Fist has a genotype of Purple or green leaves and it was bred by Dynasty Seeds. It is part of the large and bushy cannabis plant variety that growers are looking for to have an abundant harvest. 

Its parents are a mixed combination of Kali Snapple and Kali Mist. It is a very interesting origin with a very good lineage. This had brought some of their traits into this new strain.

Flavor and Effects of Blister Fist

Taste the haze with some pineapple in this Blister Fist. You will have a slow but very effective relaxation mode. Stay calm with this cannabis and enjoy yourself. It is good to take during the day or at night when you like to have some peaceful moments without many disturbances.

Medical Benefits of Blister Fist

Like with other cannabis, you will not fail to get help for your chronic pains. You can receive help also for your stress, depression, anxiety, and other medical conditions like nausea and loss of appetite. Make sure to have the right dosage.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Blister Fist

Blister Fist can make your mouth feel dry and it is a normal negative effect just like with other cannabis plants. You can also encounter dry eyes, headaches, and dizziness as a negative effect.

Growing Blister Fist 

This cannabis plant flowers in the middle of early October to give way for large buds that are compact and in good quality. There are no special tips in growing this plant. That is why they could be grown also by beginner growers. It is one of the collection you should have.

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