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Bliss is for those who prefer sativa cannabis as this weed had its origin from the combination of Strawberry Cough and Cinderella 99. They both retain their traits that is evident with this bred. Strawberry Cough carried its potent medicinal benefits having reliable CBD levels. Cinderella contributed its taste of the stinky sweet citrus, early harvest, and the cerebral high effect. 

Flavor and Effects of Bliss

This sweet stinky citrus taste would have a wanted effect as it gives your body high that is relaxing and mild for a perfect time for a break. The effect could last for 45 minutes and give you a time of creativity.

Medical Benefits of Bliss

Get the medical benefits of Bliss helping you with your migraine, arthritis, and glaucoma. It is potent so make sure to stay on the given dosage.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Bliss

A common negative effect includes dryness of the mouth and the eyes, headache, dizzy, or paranoia. You may or may not have one of the negative effects. If you will have, it does not last long.

Growing Bliss 

The SCROG (Screen of Green) method of growing could be ideally applied in this cannabis because it has many side branching making it more fruitful. But choosing the other methods of planting is very okay. You will find that you can have a stable plant with a vigor that is insect repellent. They will grow well in a hot environment and dry without much rain. Rain can cause damage, especially at flowering time. Make sure to protect your plant.