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Blazing Dragon

Blazing Dragon is a hybrid dominated by the sativa. One of its parents is well-known and much appreciated by Maui Wowie. It has the trait of a very unique fruit flavor but with a distinct taste that comes from the already mature and ripe flowers. Maui Wowie had its own history and a genetic trait that has been much appreciated it will not disappear with the collection of growers.

Burmese was added to the Maui Wowie (from the California growers) added more time for you to enjoy the effect. Bred was made by the breeder Snow High Seeds.

Flavor and Effects of Blazing Dragon

Have a herbal, sweet and tasty fruit taste when you have this Blazing Dragon. This cannabis allows you to have an energy that is good when you have been under stress and worked hard. Have the time to be relaxed and stay calm for good energy-boosting rest.

Medical Benefits of Blazing Dragon

Migraine is one of the high concerns that people had been addressing with Blazing Dragon. It is also good for chronic pain, fatigue, and stress.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Blazing Dragon

Be ready to experience one of the common negative effects which are dry mouth. You can also have dry eyes, headaches, and paranoia. They will not get into effect but one or two you will experience.

Growing Blazing Dragon 

Blazing Dragon is at a moderate level when it comes to growing it. It does not choose the place to be planted as long as you will take good care of them.