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Treeology Genetics has created this new variety that is dominated by its indica genetic.

Its parents are the result of the combination from the F.I.G. and Holy Grail varieties carrying their own traits. It can reward much the grower that appeals to breeders and users.

Flavor and Effects of Blasphemy

You will savor some taste of grapes but has a strong earthy and grassy flavor to taste. You may feel its strong flavor immediately before its effect that would make you think if you will continue your smoke. Its flavor would be overcome by its effect after a while that is very rewarding. You just overcome its flavor and you will enjoy this cannabis variety.

Medical Benefits of Blasphemy

You will have the medical benefits of being relieved from pain, headache, muscle spasm, anxiety, depression, or stress. The effect can vary from each user.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Blasphemy

You can experience common side effects like dry mouth, dry eyes, headache, paranoia, or stress. They will not last long so you can just get past over the side effects. Make sure to follow the prescription to avoid future problems.

Growing Blasphemy

You can comfortably grow blasphemy indoor or outdoors or in a greenhouse setting. When you plant indoors, you will have a weighted cannabis plant to take care of. If you plant it outdoor, you will have an entire tree to take care of that will give a generous reward of very abundant fruits when it is bloom at the end of fall.

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