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Blacktooth is a hybrid with indica dominant variety. The Blazing Pistileros crossbreed the female strain, Black Domina Ortega with the Grapefruit strain and also the Blueberry strain. The strain has beautiful nugs coated with thick frost. 

Flavor and Effects of Blacktooth

The flavor of the Blacktooth strain is very sweet. This can be very well-loved by people with a sweet tooth. It also has the same sweet scent that is very pleasing on your mouth. The effects of the strain are very powerful along with the apparent head buzz. It also comes with very soothing relaxation that makes you feel like in cloud nine. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Blacktooth

The consumers of this strain are kept coming back not only for its effects but also for the medical treatment it provides. The strain is capable of delivering hunger to people with appetite loss and can also help in managing all types of pain and body discomforts. 

Negative Effects of Blacktooth

The cannabis strain Blacktooth can make your mouth and eyes feel dry and itchy at the same time. This is the result of the body’s decrease of fluid making you feel dehydrated. It can be easily managed by drinking water in a large amount. 

Growing Blacktooth

The cannabis strain can be cultivated either indoor or outdoor growing area. The strain can be great with the use of the Sea of Green (SOG) technique which generates more production. The Blacktooth is a strong plant that loves to feed a lot. This time, you can use organic soil and fertilizers to stimulate cannabis strain the best quality of flavors.

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