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Nirvana Seeds is the original creator of this hybrid strain. It is parented by two outstanding strains which are Black Domina and Jack Herrer. It is well-known within the medical marijuana community. It is a smooth smoke but the effect is heavy. So it’s a great weed to start with when you want to get the medical benefits of the marijuana plant. 

It releases mild body high but there’s a fair share of physical and cerebral effect. It can be consumed to let you enjoy more simple activities like binge-watching your favorite series. It can manifest psychedelic effects too. But it will all depend on the tolerance of an individual.

Flavor and Effects of BlackJack

The taste is made up of wood and pine while the smell has numerous components. It smells of fresh grapefruit, tobacco, musk and some tones of berries. The effect is quite flexible and it can please any kind of patient as well as the recreational users. The high is a mixture of relaxing sensation that can get rid of pain and creative energy. 

It is so potent and enforces psychedelic effect so it would be better to use this when you’re goal is to relax and chill.

Medical Benefits of BlackJack

It is commonly used in various health issues. It curbs the symptoms of stress, depression, ADD and ADHD. It blocks the occurrence of nausea as well as eating disorders. So you can be in a healthy eating habit. It can be your weapon in fighting fatigue. 

It has relieving properties for chronic pain and other kinds of ache. 

Negative Effects of BlackJack

The minor negative effects of BlackJack are dry mouth and dry eyes. They can be easily eliminated by hydrating yourself. It is no doubt a very potent strain so pronounced side effects may arise. You may experience jitters and paranoia when you can’t handle a certain dose. Other rare possibilities are headache, dizziness, and anxiety. 

Growing BlackJack

Germination is recommended when starting your marijuana plantation. It can be done by towel method as you inserted a damp towel with seeds in a DWC hydroponic setup. You can use a 600W lighting system. It responds with training with no complications and it can be topped 3 times during the vegetative period. It needs a support system like what you can make out of nets and bamboo sticks.

During the flowering stage on which it starts slowly, it can start with the 12/12 lighting cycle. It will be doing great with super cropping and Sea of Green method as it stretches a lot. The colas grow more leaves than the usual so they can cover the huge size of buds. This variety is sensitive to nutrients so you can give it the amount that is almost half of the usual serving. It will shine with just a low amount of nutrients. 

Best Place To Buy BlackJack

Exceptional (9.7)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)

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