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This strain came out of a limited seed line. Its breeder, who is an Indica lover, has a goal of cultivating it indoors. This plant inherits its purple buds from its Purple Chitrali father and its structure from combining super strains of Pk 88 and Afghanistan.

It stands as a typical Indica and has detailed colas that produce a high amount of resin. Its leaves are broad and dark green that is covered with little white hair that resembles a crystal that is coating the plant.

Flavor and Effects of Black Grapes

This cannabis strain has grape-like smoke when vaporized. It is sweet and silky smooth. Its high is a complete couch lock, don’t get fooled by its mellow THC content. It will leave you paralyzed on your couch for hours.

Medical Benefits of Black Grapes

This strain is perfect in treating multiple symptoms like inflammation, pain, stress, and spasms. This Indica strain is also useful for soothing the bodies of patients with sleeping disorders and Insomnia. It will also boost your appetite if you’re suffering from appetite loss and Anorexia

Negative Effects of Black Grapes

Negative effects that you can expect from using this strain include increased thirst or dehydration, the sensation of drying of eyes, and headaches. These are symptoms linked in using any cannabis strain, not just this strain specifically. These adverse effects are temporary and disappear quickly.

Growing Black Grapes

This cannabis plant is grower friendly, it is easy to grow, and it is resilient to mold, which is a suitable trait if you want to grow your buds indoors. It eats up to 2 times of space that it occupies during its vegetative state. This strain provides a heavy yield.

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Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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